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At TNT Diagnostics we offer a series of services to fit our client’s specific needs on each individual project. No matter the length, distance, or size we’ve got you covered!

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Short Term Medical Professionals

If you have a short-term project or just need extra paramedics on duty we can provide you with who you need and where you need them.

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Long Term Medical Professionals

For long term projects we will provide you with the ideal schedule of paramedics for your extended period of time.

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Standby Services

A huge benefit at TNT Diagnostics is our 24/7 stand-by service for your last minute changes or need for extra medical professionals.

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Medical Transportation 

For extra peace of mind and safety we provide medical transport by land and air. With our well trained staff and effective medical equipment we can provide medical transport for virtually any situation.

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For more information on getting started with us or if you have any questions about our services contact us today!